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Some photos from fixing the motorcycle Part 2

I heard the previous owner was curious why I changed the drive chain on the bike.  So, here are a couple photos of the worn drive sprocket.  It is actually a little difficult to see, but the points on the teeth should be closer to triangles than saw-teeth (see figure 16 below).  They are all flagged one way.  It might have been fine. but it was making a lot of noise and I wanted to replace it.  Also, you can see from the photos in the previous post that the old chain was very rusted.  I had a hard time flexing it once it was off the bike.

15 tooth drive sprocket, Front

15 tooth drive sprocket, Back (towards transmission)

Figure 16 from the Clymer Manual

Some photos from fixing the motorcycle

I changed the drive sprocket, drive chain, and driven sprocket a couple weeks ago.  I am planning on writing up a bit of a description of the work I did, but in the meantime here are a bunch of unlabeled photos (except for the labels I added).

Back wheel off closeup

Bike with wheel off

My workbench

My workbench

Rear sprocket off

Chain breaker

Old chain and new chain

New drive sprocket

New driven sprocket

Wheel back on with new sprocket

New chain on

New chain is too long by 2 links