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Test Trip

I will be traveling from Vermont to the state of Georgia in order to see my sister graduate from High School, and then I’ll be driving back to Vermont. ┬áThis will be a long trip over 4 days of driving and 3 nights of camping. I’m thinking of this as a “test trip” to get a feel for how my big adventure will go this summer.



The trip went well! It was… way longer than I had really expected. The total was 2,489 miles. I hadn’t really considered that meant about 10 hours driving for 4 days.

The first day driving down was overcast from the time I left in Vermont. When I arrived in Virginia at the base of the mountain where my campground was, the fog was rolling in very heavy. As I drove up the access road I drove into a cloud. When I crossed the line into West Virginia and arrived at the entrance, it started raining.

So, I set up in the rain. I began by setting a tarp up over the top of the tent pad. I then put a tarp down on the tent pad. This gave me a try space to set up the tent. I left an overhang of the top tarp over the door of the tent, and under this is where I set up the camp stove. So in the dark and in the rain and sitting in my tent and reaching out, I cooked some rice and Indian Fare from Trader Joe’s.

Right about the time I went to bed the rain stopped. And then the wind picked up. I slept to the sound of heavy winds and the trees moving all around me. When I woke up in the morning, most things were actually dry because of the wind. So I took some photos!





DSC00425That second day, I drove to the pocket Recreation area in Georgia. It was actually a pretty gorgeous place. BUT that campground was full. So, I followed my Dad back to his house a night early and set up my tent in his yard.

Rachael Graduated High School on Saturday!

Then we drove back to Virginia on Sunday, Rachael joining me as passenger this time. We stayed with my Aunt Pam this time, rather than camping. Then Monday we left Virginia and drove to Vermont. I eventually made my way back to my apartment, and got ready for work the next day.