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After I left Connecticut on June 12, I headed towards Niagara Falls. But on my way I stopped in Albany, NY to see my High School friend Mandi. I wasn’t going to be spending the night, but I wanted to see her so we grabbed some dinner.

Before dinner, she took me on a condensed walking tour of downtown Albany. There is some pretty cool stuff. I only took my camera around a couple of the state buildings, though. After dinner we got some of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Who knew, in Albany? Then I met her crazy cool cat. Then I was off to┬ámy cousin’s house outside of Niagara.

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Marble Beach Photos

Windsor, CT

Thursday morning, June 11th, I left Boston and headed to Connecticut to see my friend from college Phil and his wife Sarah. They are renting a nice house in Windsor with a basement workshop and a garage and their 2 cool cats. We had a wonderful dinner that they made and then Phil and I took a look at his plow that he’s having trouble with. I stayed in the extra bedroom and in the morning they made breakfast.

I took the opportunity to plan my next week traveling to Toronto and Chicago. Then I got ready to head out to New York.

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