Wednesday morning, June 10, I had breakfast with my brother Jesse and his fiance Rachel in Dover, NH. Then I headed out to Boston to see my long-time friend from High School, Colin. Unlike Ronnie and Elysia, I’ve seen Colin recently. He got married this past spring! To his beautiful and wonderful nice wife Kathy. I went to their apartment and caught up with Colin.

We decided to go to see Mad Max: Fury Road as I hadn’t seen it yet and Colin was down to catch it a second time. And it was great! Honestly, I was pretty hesitant about it because I was mistaken and thought that it was a remake of Mad Max from 1979. My first realization that it was different was from the name Fury Road. Then I was suggested to go see it by my friend Zach, and I trust him about movies. Then when I mentioned it to Colin and I saw his face light up, I knew it was a must-see. And it was great! I won’t try to give it a review but it is definitely worth checking out.

After we were done with the movie we headed back to Colin’s apartment and met up with Kathy. It was wonderful catching up with her! She is such a nice person and I love seeing her. I’m so happy for them both that they found wonderful people to share their lives with.

After a bit, Colin and I headed to Harvard Square to meet our friend and my neighbor growing up Davis. Davis is one of my oldest friends and we lived in the same neighborhood when we were little. The three of us walked for a bit and then headed went to dinner at Charlie’s Kitchen. It was pretty good and we had a good time catching up. On the way out Davis insisted that we stop in a photo booth. Good idea Davis!


Colin and I wandered back to Colin’s and peaced out for the night. The next morning I woke up early with Colin and wished him goodbye while he got ready for work. Thank you so much Colin and Kathy, I had a great time seeing you both and getting to sleep in a bit in the morning. I hope to catch up with you both again soon and I wish you a great life.


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