Imp Face

Note: see all the photos from the hike I discuss in this post in this post.

When I woke up in Dolly Copp, the rain had stopped and a thick fog was in the area. I decided I would drive into Gorham quickly for some cell service and to check my messages since I expected Ronnie to come and visit sometime in the day. I learned he’d be by later so I decided I’d take a hike in the morning.

The map I picked up at the ranger station showed all the hiking in the presidential ranges. I was looking for something close and relatively short so I could do it in the morning and be back to Dolly Copp by noon. I found a trail called Imp Trail up to Imp Face that was listed as 2.2 miles one-way and 3 hours out and back. It also was close to the camp ground and was listed as “One of the 10 best views in the White Mountains.” So I was sold.

It was still foggy and wet when I got to the entrance, first person of the day. When I was hiking up I got soaked. Everything was wet and if I brushed up against vegetation at all, my pants became wetter. But the trail was nice and I just accepted that I would be sweaty and wet in general. Of course, my glasses fogged up constantly as well, as did the camera lens at times.

DSC00739 DSC00742

The trail basically follows a stream for a good portion near the bottom and then gets pretty steep for the rest of the way. There were stream crossings and rock face climbs and at one point, man-made stairs. But it was a very rewarding hike that this out-of-shape dude had to stop and rest often during.

DSC00745 DSC00751 DSC00754


When I made it to the top the fog hadn’t yet cleared and that was a bit of a bummer. But even so, it was rewarding. The trail and trees opened up onto an outcrop of rocks and I could feel how open it was. It the view was clear I bet it would have been gorgeous with all of the presidential range visible.

DSC00772 DSC00773 DSC00782

I bummed around the top for awhile and took some shots then made my way back down. On the way back I came across 3 groups of people who I wished each a better view than I had. And later when I was back at the campground, the fog had cleared and I took some photos of the rock outcrop, Imp Face, from the campground. It’s pretty clear that the view would be great.

DSC00792 DSC00814 DSC00822

Check out the rest of the photos here.

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